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TARGOVISTE TOWN - BETWEEN MYTH AND REALITY - GO TO LINK Synopsis Centuries ago, Vlad Tepes, a Romanian prince, became well known in Europe because of his bloody habit, impaling. For this reason, people called him Vlad the Impaler. One of the favourite cities to express this bloody wish, was Targoviste. Thats why, Vlad the Impaler has been associated with Dracula, and Targoviste as one of Draculas house. How does it look Targoviste nowadays? A very quiet town, the only army that makes noise is for the celebration of the town. 10 Students and their teacher from Economic High School "Ion Ghica", Targoviste, Romania , wanted to express their point of view related to the legend of Dracula ( an well known subject in all over the world) and the connection with their town, Targoviste. They intent to use all possible media and Internet, to involve many people in our community and not in the last time, having fun doing that. Our project has started from the legend related to the figure of Prince Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, who has been in history, the inspiration for a veritable "morphology of horror".
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